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Freestyle libre

With technology developing and changing all the time, it can be hard to understand all of the products and features available.  We often receive questions regarding the difference between Guardian™ Connect (CGM) and the Abbott’s Freestyle Libre (FLASH) product.

The below table illustrates the different functionalities of each product, so you can make your choice easily.

  1.  Medtronic Guardian™ Connect Getting Started Guide - link to PDF
  2. Abbott Freestyle Libre in service guide – link to PDF
  3. Projected alerts available only with user invention of system scan per Abbott Freestyle Libre in service guide
  4. MARD of 9.1% was seen in a clinical study of 24 patients presented at the ATTD conference in 2016. This study included the enhanced Enlite sensor, which is also used in the Guardian Connect system. This sensor was used with the Guardian 2 Link transmitter, which has a similar (but not identical) data processing and interpretation algorithm as the Guardian Connect transmitter. Data on file, Medtronic MiniMed, Inc. 
  5. MARD of  12.0% was seen in the following clinical study.  Bailey, Bode, Christiansen, Klaff, Alva The Performance and Usability of Factory Calibrated Flash Glucose Monitoring System Diabetes Tech & Therapeutics 2015 Vol17 Number 11
  6. Per system description, a dedicated monitor must be purchased

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