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Medtronic Guardian Connect serial number is found on the back of the transmitter. Example: GT1234567X

Need help finding your serial number? Call the helpline.

Where to find your Medtronic product serial number.

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I agree that Medtronic collects and processes my personal data in accordance with its Privacy Statement, for the purpose of my MiniMed Care Support.

  • This may include sending me information about the diabetes therapy, product updates that are relevant to me and contacting me for feedback concerning product support satisfaction
  • The processing activities may also be carried out by other affiliates of Medtronic and their sub-processors, inside and outside the European Economic Area, in accordance with Medtronic’s Privacy Statement
  • When acting on behalf of the Guardian Connect user, I confirm to have obtained the consent from the Guardian Connect user to submit his/her personal data for the purposes described above
  • More information on how Medtronic treats personal data, as well as on data subjects’ rights with regard to their personal data, can be found in Medtronic’s Privacy Statement
  • I can withdraw or update my consent at any time by writing to Medtronic