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For you who use Multiple Daily Injections (MDI) to manage your diabetes

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If you use Multiple Daily Injections (MDI) to manage your diabetes, Guardian Connect can help you to stay on top of it all.

As we know diabetes can be difficult to manage at times, some days you don’t have any issues at all. Other days no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work. It’s on days like these that the Guardian Connect app can make all the difference. Check your glucose level anywhere, anytime and without extra finger pricks. Just one quick look at your mobile phone and you will know whether you are within your target range, as well as whether your glucose levels are on their way up, or down. What can be more convenient and easy than simply checking your phone?

You’ll also get the possibility to set up alerts to know if you’re heading towards a hypo or hyper and react before it happens.

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